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December 1999

Founded, devoted to the development of writing board series

Chongqing administration for industry and commerce has selected enterprises as "contract-abiding and credit-abiding units"

October 2008

The company's products won the certificate of "Chongqing Famous Brand Products"

December 2007

The state administration of

industry and commerce

grants enterprises the publicity qualification of "contractabiding and credit-abiding units"

Chongqing dinjiang county industry and commerce administration selected

company as "aaa grade annual

inspection exemption enterprise"

April 2011

The writing board and writing

pen project of the company was awarded as a technological

innovation project and obtained the certificate of the ministry of science and technology of


October 2013

Chongqing Consumer Rights and

Interests Protection Committee

selected the company as "the advanced unit of after-sales service in 2013"


May 2014

The products of chongqing

science and technology com-mission are "chongqing key

new product certificate"

June 2014

October 2014

Four committees in Chongqing elected the company as "National High-tech


The company's products have won a number of national invention

patents and utility model patents. Its core technology is the internation-al and domestic leader in the field of dry-wipe Dustless writing. 

From 2015 to present


Patent for invention

Patent for invention

The 72nd National Education Equipment Exhibition-Wandai Gold Award

The 72nd National Educational Equipment Exhibition-Gold Prize

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